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Staley Technologies deploys the full range of commercial technology from coast to coast. Our team consists of hundreds of certified technicians to service our customers and ensure the work gets done right the first time.


Technology is ever changing, ever evolving. To ensure the proper deployment of new technology the first step is to effectively remove the older existing materials. Our full time technicians are trained to remove materials in an efficient way to limit any disruptions to our customers.

Cable Remediation

Since many providers currently rely on outdated tech and cabling infrastructure reaching capacity, finding a reliable turn-key technology solution provider for network issues is vital. Staley offers an array of services from network configuration, network cabling services, Medical grade cabling and wireless, cable remediation, complete technology deployment services, and supplemental electrical project support nationwide.

Cable Remediation Solutions for NEC Code Compliance:

Fire Stopping Solutions

Providers must observe a stratum of regulations and inspections, and fire code regulations are just one layer. Enhanced fire-stopping of cable pathways is required to reduce smoke leakage and protect potentially vulnerable populations, equipment, and data. Maintaining NEC code compliance requires substantial planning and expertise to accommodate cabling moves, additions, and changes (MACs) commonplace in healthcare. Implementing adaptive fire-stop solutions at cable penetration points eliminates hazards by reinforcing defend-in-place fire protection and satisfies safety regulations while keeping flexibility for future changes.

Medical Grade Cabling and Wireless

Healthcare institutions must abide by rigorous performance and construction standards for cabling and devices. Staley has ample experience in Medical grade cabling installation that meets the unique durability, conductivity, and redundancy specifications required.

Installing / Updating Cabling & Lighting

A lighting audit of a facility may reveal electrical inefficiencies that negatively impact the bottom line. Upgrades are often dismissed as can-wait investments, delayed to misconceptions of the cost compared to savings. An audit and analysis can reveal resource-saving updates such as low voltage cabling, LED retrofitting, and sustainable solutions.

HEPACART Trained Technicians

Infection control and safety protocols are followed at all times during remediations of operational facilities without hindering patient care or facility functions. Staley technicians undergo training in the use of HEPACART dust containment and infection control products that keep patients and staff safe from airborne dust, debris, and pathogens.

Staley understands the limited availability of access to patient rooms, sterile areas, and other restricted points. Attentive Project Management Teams and Technicians coordinate thoroughly to ensure minimal disruption during remediations through precision scheduling of workaround patient care and facility operations.

Turn-Key Approach

Perform electrical work to network configuration, network cabling services and complete technology deployment services.

24/7 Service Available

Complete project management and consulting with a 24/7 support center available to ensure each project is managed efficiently.

Quality Control

Post Installation on-site audits, digital pictures, and electronic close-out forms ensure the highest quality standards are upheld.

National Rollout

Located in 8 offices with licensing and permitting in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.


Founded in 1951, we’ve become a national leader in the industry with nearly 200 well-trained W2 field technicians and professionals.


Serve several of the largest retailers in the world with projects ranging from wireless installations to UPS health checks.



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