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Of every dollar spent in brick-and-mortar stores is influenced by digital interactions

(Deloitte 2018, Global Powers of Retailing Report)

Every transaction counts with retail point of sale tech.

Today’s customers want that next transaction to be their positive experience with your brand. Innovative Retail Point of Sale technology promotes loyalty and profitability by exceeding expectations online and in-store. Customer loyalty relies heavily on strategy and marketing and the skillful application of all store operations, from IT to supply chain management. Customers expect to have it all, and the digital customer holds that power. With limitless access to information, expectations run high for retailers to react instantly to the needs and wants of the consumer.

Retailers must remain on the cutting edge of Retail Point of Sale, take calculated risks, invest, and make changes beneficial to their customers based on tech’s ever-changing demands.

Technology is the future of the retailer.

Need a localized IT Solution for your retail chain? So did Jack Wills.


Build patron and staff confidence with synchronized, layered safeguards as recommended by the CDC.

NCR Partner offering the full suite of Counterpoint integrated solutions

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