How Technology Can Solve the Restaurant Industry’s Labor Shortage

Since early 2020, the world has been reeling from the effects of COVID-19. While all industries have struggled to keep up, the restaurant business has been hit particularly hard.  First, with more people staying at home and ordering in, many restaurants were forced to close their doors, lay off employees, and attempt to weather the storm of a global pandemic. Now, two years later, people are again comfortable going to restaurants. Customers seeking to regain normalcy want to experience a delicious meal they don’t have to make themselves. However, while the customers have returned in droves, the same cannot be said for the staff.  The reality of the restaurant industry labor shortage It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is struggling to find employees. According to the National Restaurant Association, “As of April 2022, eating and drinking places were still 794,000 jobs – or 6.4% – below their pre-pandemic employment

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