Why Self-Service Kiosks are Helpful for Restaurants, and Why Customers Like Them, Too

Using a self-service kiosk is still a new experience for many people — an experience sometimes met with skepticism, at first. But these self-ordering machines are growing in popularity with customers as companies move full-steam-ahead in adopting them.  Online ordering is more popular than ever. After weathering two years of a global pandemic, most consumers are more comfortable ordering from a screen than from a cashier. This comfort with technology translates well into the QSR industry, with many fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and Panera Bread incorporating self-service kiosks into their dining rooms.  In fact, in 2022, it’s hard to go to any grocery store, airport, or restaurant without interacting with kiosk technology. Spoiler alert: There’s a reason for that. Self-service kiosks boost loyalty programs Self-service kiosks will never forget to ask about a customer’s brand loyalty account. Creating this seamless, consistent loyalty program experience for customers will allow them

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4 Ways to Keep Branches Relevant

This is not another article to explain why and how things will never be the same. Frankly, that message is getting a little old. Instead, here are a few ideas for how physical branches might evolve to better serve consumers and keep those institutions a valuable part of the community.

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Retail in the post-pandemic world

Retailers learned a lot over the last year—what worked and what didn’t. The main takeaway from 2020 was that consumers embrace and utilize technology on all fronts to access brands and products.

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Anticipated Banking Trends for 2021

COVID undoubtedly impacted and reshaped consumer banking behavior in 2020. As bank lobbies across the country closed to the public, full-service drive-thru and mobile banking apps swiftly replaced traditional lobby banking.

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Don’t overlook PCI compliance

Experts report that credit card fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year in the United States alone. Protecting customer data and payment information should be a top priority for any merchant.

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Line-busting Solutions

Customers just want to get in and out these days—and reducing customer wait times and avoiding traffic jams is more important than ever for businesses.

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Creating a Tech-based COVID-19 Strategy

Although there is no cure-all for the pandemic—solutions exist. A tech-based COVID-19 strategy may create safer environments that adhere to official protocols and track vital information.

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Kiosks: Tech built for COVID-19

Adding techcentric layers to your business is not a mysterious process. Kiosks are an often overlooked layer of tech with long-term value. In short, today’s kiosk does more.

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Staley Technologies Appoints New Vice President of Marketing

Staley Technologies is pleased to announce Alan Turner has joined their Executive Team as Vice President of Marketing. Staley Technologies is a leading commercial technology solutions provider supporting some of the country’s largest retail and restaurant brands.