3 Ways Technology is a Key Part of Your Organization’s Infrastructure

When you think about organizational infrastructure, you probably have images in your head of flow charts, diagrams and graphs. It’s not a topic many of us like to spend a lot of time talking about—we’d much prefer to spend our time in the day-to-day function of the business—but it’s incredibly important. And one of the most integral, yet often overlooked, aspects of organizational infrastructure is technology and its role in keeping those processes running efficiently and accurately. Technology’s role in increasing agility One of the most important functions of technology in your organization’s infrastructure is that it allows your business to be more agile. In the past two years, it’s become apparent that companies must be able to nimbly pivot, adapting to changes in both consumer demand and supply chain processes. At Staley Technologies, we had to pivot just like everyone else when the COVID crisis struck. We were able

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Don’t overlook PCI compliance

Experts report that credit card fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year in the United States alone. Protecting customer data and payment information should be a top priority for any merchant.

Line-busting Solutions

Customers just want to get in and out these days—and reducing customer wait times and avoiding traffic jams is more important than ever for businesses.

Creating a Tech-based COVID-19 Strategy

Although there is no cure-all for the pandemic—solutions exist. A tech-based COVID-19 strategy may create safer environments that adhere to official protocols and track vital information.

Kiosks: Tech built for COVID-19

Adding techcentric layers to your business is not a mysterious process. Kiosks are an often overlooked layer of tech with long-term value. In short, today’s kiosk does more.

Staley Technologies Appoints New Vice President of Marketing

Staley Technologies is pleased to announce Alan Turner has joined their Executive Team as Vice President of Marketing. Staley Technologies is a leading commercial technology solutions provider supporting some of the country’s largest retail and restaurant brands.

Things to Consider Before Reopening Responsibly

Many business owners have mixed feelings about the reopening of restaurants in states beginning in May. Arkansas will soon allow restaurants to resume limited dine-in service. It’s a highly sensitive topic, especially for restauranteurs in Georgia.

Everything Is Drive-Thru Now: Retail becomes takeout.

Retailers benefit by taking cues from the hospitality industry — especially full-service restaurants — that quickly switched to takeout, delivery, and drive-thru only models to meet current regulations and remain operational.