The Top Three Retail Tech Trends for 2022 (and How to Make Them Work for Your Business)

In 2022, retail and hospitality businesses can expect health concerns, personalized experiences, and sustainability to top the year’s trend list. Here’s a look at how technology can help your business stay on top of these trends in a quickly changing industry: Health While using tech to implement health and safety measures is a trend that skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Retailers that want to bring customers into their stores will have to implement a robust health and safety plan. Technology is one of the simplest ways to facilitate increased health measures in your business. Implementing keyless tech in hospitality means not having to check in with anyone at the front desk. No interaction at all, which means no opportunity to swap germs. Guests can go straight to their room and get settled in after a long day of traveling, work,

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Retail in the post-pandemic world

Retailers learned a lot over the last year—what worked and what didn’t. The main takeaway from 2020 was that consumers embrace and utilize technology on all fronts to access brands and products.

Anticipated Banking Trends for 2021

COVID undoubtedly impacted and reshaped consumer banking behavior in 2020. As bank lobbies across the country closed to the public, full-service drive-thru and mobile banking apps swiftly replaced traditional lobby banking.

Don’t overlook PCI compliance

Experts report that credit card fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year in the United States alone. Protecting customer data and payment information should be a top priority for any merchant.

Line-busting Solutions

Customers just want to get in and out these days—and reducing customer wait times and avoiding traffic jams is more important than ever for businesses.

Creating a Tech-based COVID-19 Strategy

Although there is no cure-all for the pandemic—solutions exist. A tech-based COVID-19 strategy may create safer environments that adhere to official protocols and track vital information.

Kiosks: Tech built for COVID-19

Adding techcentric layers to your business is not a mysterious process. Kiosks are an often overlooked layer of tech with long-term value. In short, today’s kiosk does more.

Staley Technologies Appoints New Vice President of Marketing

Staley Technologies is pleased to announce Alan Turner has joined their Executive Team as Vice President of Marketing. Staley Technologies is a leading commercial technology solutions provider supporting some of the country’s largest retail and restaurant brands.