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Technology is revolutionizing everything we do – from how and when we shop to what we buy and how much we spend. As a business, interacting with your customers at the right time and in the manner in which they prefer is a critical factor that contributes to the overall customer experience.  Getting it right can make the difference between happy and satisfied fans of your brand and those who don’t return. Yet choosing the right technology solutions for your operations can be complicated. Do you want a locally-based POS system where your data is stored on-site or one that utilizes the cloud for storage and access? Should you implement an Order & Pay-at-Table solution or do you prefer your guests have a completely contactless order and pay experience? Should you implement EMV for payment? And when customers pay via credit card, should you pass those transaction fees to the cardholder? What type of access to data and reporting do you need to manage your operations effectively?

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right technology for your business. Staley Technologies industry expertise can help you navigate the best solutions for your customers and help you choose the right tools you need to get the most from your technology investment. Whether your business is a retail or hospitality enterprise, Staley Technologies offers industry leading on-premise solutions like NCR’s Aloha and Counterpoint POS. With our many years of experience and thousands of point-of-sale installations, Staley Technologies can help you decide which technology solutions are best for your business.

NCR Aloha
Everything you need to run your restaurant in one powerful POS platform.
NCR Aloha
Fixed and mobile POS stations
Use a mix of both fixed and mobile POS stations, depending on your business operations.
NCR Aloha
Contactless dine‑in
Give your guests a safe, easy and frictionless order and pay experience.
NCR Aloha
Online ordering
Increase your average check size, expand your brand reach and accelerate your digital ordering strategy.
NCR Aloha
Takeout and curbside pickup
Execute all our call-in, takeout, future and repeat orders easily with the ability to quickly import data and personalize the experience
NCR Aloha
Gift cards and basic loyalty
Create basic loyalty programs and easily manage distribution and redemption of physical and digital gift cards
NCR Aloha
Secure payments & devices
Maintain your cash flow and accept and process EMV payments, mobile wallets and all types of current and future payment types securely.
NCR Aloha
Advanced Reporting
Get a detailed understanding of your business performance
NCR Aloha
Data & Analytics
NCR Aloha
Cloud-based Systems Management
Remotely monitor and access your systems; and centralize management of your menu, promotions, items and price changes across your operations.

NCR Aloha Essentials

Run your restaurant with a single platform. Aloha Essentials is a powerful tool that bundles the industry-leading NCR Aloha POS in a new subscription-based service. Take control of overhead and operations while eliminating stressful hidden costs. Aloha Essentials helps you run a tighter, more straightforward, data-driven business. Every single endpoint works together to excite customers, manage staff, and equip your kitchen to run with fewer errors while creating culinary delights.

NCR Counterpoint
A fully integrated platform will empower your employees to succeed. Our terminals provide your retail business with a reliable base, ensuring you're ready for whatever comes your way.
NCR Counterpoint
Mobile Point-of-Sale
Our mobile point of sale brings the shopping experience directly to you customers. Line bust or check inventory right from your fingertips.
NCR Counterpoint
Email Marketing
Our integrated, closed loop email marketing platform connects you with your customers and entices them to come back for more.
NCR Counterpoint
Retail Management Solution & POS Software
Our suite of solutions is built for the specialty retailer: customization, feature-rich, and designed to last through many tours.
NCR Counterpoint
Inventory Management
Keep your employees informed with our real-time inventory management software that enables the to receive, categorize, and manage inventory effectively.
NCR Counterpoint
As a multi-site operator, ensure all of your store site operations are running smoothly, even when you're not there. Our alerts will keep you informed of all store activities.

NCR Counterpoint

NCR Configuration Center helps multi-store operators manage menu configurations and the scheduling of updates through an automated distribution process. Centrally access site systems and configurations anywhere, at any time.

CFC Configuration Center is a cloud-based management platform that manages Aloha Point of Sale Solutions configuration settings for multi-store operations. Administrators can remotely access site systems and perform updates automatically. It offers remote distribution and access capabilities through an easy-to-use interface.

Changing the way we dine
Cloud Based Solutions
Cloud Based Solutions
Business Intelligence System
Provides the latest analytic, big data, and machine learning capabilities - highlighting key insights about your business. Features in-depth analysis of your menu performance, labor costs, and overall business performance.


For cloud based solutions, Tabit replaces the need for add-on to legacy systems, silos, and complex integrations. Designed from the ground up to be truly mobile, the Tabit solution implements mobile best practices and offers a business process-oriented solution. Mobile by design, we are bringing the smartphone experience to dining with intuitive technology that is simple to use (even easier for servers than pen and paper!) and requires minimal maintenance.

Your business without limits.
Mobile Pay
Collect payments anywhere, to take your business everywhere.
Run business from the palm of your hand.
The simpler, smarter point of sale.


Payment Processing

Process payments in-person, online, or mobile with ease and securely — and in compliance. Protect customer data and card information from fraud, and your business from costly breaches.

With a hosted solution you never have to worry about updates that keep your operations secure. Hosted solutions provide ease of use and eliminate stress from the equation.

Compliance Features:

Hosted Solutions

With a hosted solution, you never have to worry about updates that keep your operations secure. Hosted solutions provide ease of use and eliminate stress from the equation.

Keep payment systems, customer credit card data, and on-premise networks secure, resilient, and compliant. Do you have multiple on-premise equipment devices that are overly complex and expensive to manage? Staley can help your business minimize risk and support continuity with leading-edge, affordable network security, combined with threat management and compliance readiness capabilities. Our team of certified technicians manages Microsoft Windows and other software updates on Aloha system servers, manager workstations, POS terminals, and kitchen devices.

Is your business PCI Compliant?

If your business model requires you to handle card data, you may be required to meet each of the 300+ security controls in PCI. 

Turn-Key Approach

Perform electrical work to network configuration, network cabling services and complete technology deployment services.

24/7 Service Available

Complete project management and consulting with a 24/7 support center available to ensure each project is managed efficiently.

Quality Control

Post Installation on-site audits, digital pictures, and electronic close-out forms ensure the highest quality standards are upheld.

National Rollout

Located in 8 offices with licensing and permitting in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.


Founded in 1951, we’ve become a national leader in the industry with nearly 200 well-trained W2 field technicians and professionals.


Serve several of the largest retailers in the world with projects ranging from wireless installations to UPS health checks.



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